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You can make a difference by donating breast milk while breastfeeding!

Donating Breast Milk

It’s true 50ml of breast milk a day could save a baby’s life? The unexpected arrival of a baby born too soon is a frightening and emotional time for parents. Just imagine how such a mother may feel if she is too ill or stressed to provide her fragile infant with her own lifesaving breast milk during those first critical days or weeks.

Fortunately there is help around the corner; other breastfeeding moms care enough to spend a little extra time expressing their own breast milk and donate it to milk banks like Milk Matters. These moms would have completed a one page screening form and gone to her local pathology clinic for a simple blood test.

Mothers own milk always offers optimal nutrition, immunity and development for babies. When mother’s milk is not available donated breastmilk is undoubtedly the next best option. All infants but more especially, premature infants have immature immune and digestive systems. Breast milk offers them protection and has indeed been shown to reduce the incidence of death and long term medical and developmental complications. Around the world artificial feeding is avoided altogether when donor breast milk is available.

In 5 simple steps you can make the difference between life or disease and death;

Step 1: Contact Milk Matters on 021 659 5599 or email us at we’ll tell you about your nearest depot and provide you with the relevant forms.

Step 2: Complete the screening/lifestyle questionnaire and HIV/Hepatitis B consent form and fax/email the 2 pages back to Milk Matters.

Step 3: Visit your nearest depot to collect sterile bottles in which to express and freeze your life saving breastmilk.

Step 4: Visit your nearest Pathcare clinic to have an HIV and Hepatitis B blood test (at no cost to yourself).

Step 5: When your supply of sterile bottles is running low, drop off your frozen milk at the depot and collect a new batch of bottles – this can be done at your convenience be it once a week or once a month. In all probability your local breastfeeding clinic is also your Milk Matters depot.

Milk Matters will collect your frozen milk from the depot, pasteurise and double check that its safety has remained intact, before it is made available to the sick and vulnerable for whom it has been prescribed. Please tell your family and friends how they too can make a difference, at no cost, just a little extra time and effort.

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