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Super Bircher Muesli – Kelly Schreuder

Super Bircher Muesli

This is a standard recipe that you can alter to suit your preferences. The basic ingredients are oats and some liquid to soak them in overnight. The liquid can be milk, water, apple juice or any other fruit juice you like – fresh orange or berry juices work nicely. When I make this for myself I use fresh blueberries (in season) or dried goji berries for their antioxidant properties and chia or ground flax seeds to provide some essential omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds have a more neutral flavor than flax, although they are more expensive because they are imported.

Basic mix to make the night before (can be stored for up to a week in the fridge) 40g (about half a cup) rolled oats per serving (3 cups for a large bowl) 2/3 cup liquid per serving – I usually use half milk and half apple juice, or all milk, in which case I’d add some honey or stevia for sweetness (for a large bowl try 1 cup apple juice and top up with milk to cover, otherwise it can get too sweet). You might have to adjust the consistency by adding more liquid in the morning, but rather go too dry than too wet the night before. 1 tablespoon dried fruit per serving – always use some raisins or unsulphured chopped apricots for sweetness, then if there are no seasonal berries add dried goji berries to soak overnight (use about ½ cup dried fruit for a large bowl)

If you choose to add chia or ground flax seeds they can be added to this basic mix to soak (use about 3 heaped tablespoons for a large bowl or 1 tbsp per serving for smaller portions). Keep other nuts and seeds to add just before serving. In the morning: 1)     Check consistency and stir in some more milk if necessary – it should be like thick porridge – not runny, but not crumbly or stiff either. 2)     Add grated apple (about ½ apple per serving or 2 for a large bowl) – you can also add berries or other fruit (1 cup for a large bowl). 3)     Optional extras: Cinnamon, honey or other flavours e.g. vanilla extract if you like. 4)     Add a spoon of plain yoghurt to each serving or as a layer on top of a large bowl. 5)     Garnish with toasted seeds or chopped nuts – I prefer to add these just before eating, so they stay crunchy.

This recipe can be made with soy, almond or rice milk for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer to avoid dairy, in which case leave out the yoghurt as well.

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