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Annabella Himalayan Healing Crystal Bath Salts

Annabella Himalayan Healing Crystal Bath Salts

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Annabella Himalayan Healing Crystal Bath Salts is a perfect solution for post-birth bathing, as it helps to facilitate and enhance the healing process.

This natural, unprocessed, chemical-free salt is anti-bacterial and cleansing . It contains minerals which help to alkalise and restore balance to sensitive areas. These minerals are efficiently absorbed through the skin to replenish electrolytes. A bath with Himalayan Crystal Salt is a wonderfully relaxing and healing experience.

Directions for Use:

Add 1-2 handfuls of the salt into the water, while running the bath and allow to dissolve. Bath once or twice daily for a minimum of 20 minutes or as directed by your midwife to facilitate healing and prevent infection.


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The Himalayan Salts come to you from the Salt Range of Pakistan. This natural salt (halite) was formed around 250 million years ago through a crystallization of the salt that remained from the evaporation of primordial sea water during the formation of the Himalayan Mountain Range.
Packaged in South Africa for Annabella by Universal Vision.
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