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Rehydration tip for the day by our dietician Renee

Hi moms ! Wishing you a fabulous 2013! Wherever you are in your pregnancy 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester or a mom with a new baby(4th trimester), the January heat can be a real challenge!Staying hydrated is essential in keeping those energy levels up, preventing constipation , as well as optimising the absorption of nutrients from foods. However, for those struggling with nausea it can be particularly difficult!

A few tips: Try freezing ice cubes with lemon/lemon juice, mint or ginger and either suck or add to sparkling or still water. Stay way from sugar laden drinks such as Colas or fruit juice – these will give you a quick boost, but will crash you down quickly, as well as adding loads of extra calories! Alternatively make a large jug of Rooibos- add either a dash of honey/agave or for a sugar – free alternative sweeten with Stevia or Xylitol which are natural aspartame free sweetners – add loads of lemon and ice and sip throughout the day! Chat soon, Renee Renee Gielis is a clinical dietitian based in Seapoint. She studied in London where she lived for 10 years and worked as part of the NHS (National Health).

Since returning to South Africa she works in private practice and specialises in weight loss, IBS, oncology and and other bowel disorders. She has  also worked extensively with pregnant moms who develop ‘gestational diabetes’ as well as advising on nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and post partum weight loss.She is also a mom to 3 year old Sebastian and has another baby on the way.

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