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A batwing top and how to wear it

I often tell certain clients to be cautious of batwing tops as they can sometimes be overwhelming on a small frame, or add extra bulk to a large frame. However the batwing of this top is very subtle i.e. there isn’t masses of fabric in the batwing, so it will really work for any shape. I would totally enjoy this top if I wasn’t pregnant, as per this pic below. Continue reading

annabella maternity & woman’s wear…by fashion stylist Zoe

Dear annabella, I have a confession to make! I am completely obsessed with your beautiful salsa wrap dresses and am slowly acquiring one in every colour. What makes this confessional? Well as you know I am not even remotely pregnant. Continue reading

Annabella maternity jodhpur leggings

How did that cold snap work for you this past weekend? I would have been in a mild panic about what I was going to wear as I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable in maternity jeans when worn for anything more than a few hours, but then the arrival of my new jodhpur leggings from Annabella saved the day. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – Week 18 – Maternity Fashion Tips

Ashlea finally leaves behind her morning sickness and embraces her pregnancy with the flowing Winter Salsa Dress After several weeks of intense nausea, I am finally feeling the joys of pregnancy – I have that pregnant glow, that little growing bump and my hair has suddenly started to get luscious and thick. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – Week 19 – Maternity Fashion Tips

Now that the nausea has passed, I am taking full advantage of this special stage of pregnancy, when you have enough energy to get out and about, and you’re small enough to do so! Continue reading

Maternity and breastfeeding fashion for summer

Annabella sent me another one of their styles to try, and this one is my favourite yet. Summer is well and truly here in Jozi, so it’s dresses all the way for me now – so much more comfy over my expanding belly than pants. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – Week 20 – Maternity Fashion Tips

One moment that instills the reality of the little person growing inside your belly, is when you feel those first kicks. It is such a precious moment for a Mommy and Daddy, waiting in anticipation for the next little wriggle of life growing inside. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 24 – Baby Names

One of the most difficult things about having a baby is chosing a name for them! It seems that everyone feels the need to add his or her two cents worth, and this is possibly the worst situation as deciding on a name is tricky enough as it is! Continue reading

Salsa Wrap Dress

We love our new summer Salsa Dress – great for pregnancy or post partum. I wear mine all the time. It is feminine and flattering, and after having had a baby (even though she is 3), I don’t like wearing anything too clingy – the cut and the new summer patterned fabric makes it perfect. Continue reading

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