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Pregnancy Diary – week 38 – Hospital in Style

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Written by Ashlea Harvey

Ashlea has written her list and she’s checking it twice! She’s added some important goodies to her hospital bag, to ensure her stay is most comfortable. Ashlea’s most important new item is her Kimono Dressing Gown.

This is literally my last week before baby arrives! I have unpacked and repacked my hospital bag several times and always seem to have something new to add to the list as a recommendation from friends. I also did my preregistration at the hospital this week, and they too gave me some important items I should bring along.

I was given a pre-admission number and told to give that on the morning I arrive, along with my ID and Medical Aid preauthorisation code, which will fast track my admission. As I am having a caesarian, my doctor has told me to arrive at 5:30AM and I am not to drink or eat anything after midnight the night before (there goes my midnight snack!). I have also made sure that they put a note in my admission that I request a private room. With Hannah I was lucky enough to get one and it made my stay in hospital so comfortable. I am hoping we get the privacy as a family this time round, as it was so special to be able to bond with Hannah in those first few days, and also important to get my sleep, rather than be disturbed by other babies crying or people talking. I may just take a pair of earplugs incase I am not as lucky this time! One friend has said her most important item was her dressing gown – it was easy to use to cover up while breastfeeding, and also easy to slip on and off when going to and from the bathroom after her caesar. Having a baby isn’t glamorous, but my Kimono Dressing Gown is definitely going to hide that!

Another friend has said that after 3 caesarians, she learnt that her key to recovery time was water. She took along 2 bottles of Valpre water and downed them after the baby arrived. Apparently, it helps flush out the pregnancy hormones, rehydrates you for breastfeeding, and most importantly, helps full up that charming catheter bag which means you will have it removed sooner and be able to move around. I am also going to be taking some healthy snacks with me. I have some dried fruit, some rice cakes and some nuts all ready to go. I found with Hannah, they fed me so much food, but it wasn’t always what I felt like. I’d prefer to take along some fresh fruit and yoghurts on the day too, as well as my special teas, like chamomile and lemon. At this rate, I may need to up the size of my bag!

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