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Pregnancy Diary – week 37 – How Hubby Can Help

Pregnancy week 37

Written by Ashlea Harvey

A husband’s role in the last few weeks before the baby arrives can be a difficult one. Ashlea is exploring the many ways Hubby can play his part and make Mom feel special. A beautiful breastfeeding pyjama set is a great gift for mom’s hospital bag, such as the Maternity and Breastfeeding Vintage PJ set that Ashlea will be taking along to hospital.

These last few weeks can be a difficult time for hubby, as clearly you need help, yet it’s not always clear how he can help. Other than lifting Hannah out of the bath, carrying the groceries and spoiling me with the odd foot rub, there isn’t much else that Claude helps with. Partly because I am pretty self-sufficient, like things done a certain way and am not very good at asking for help, and partly because it’s my second pregnancy and men seem somewhat slacker the second time round. But as every pregnant woman knows, a little spoiling at this stage is very important, especially when you’re feeling like a heffalump!

I think the most important thing for a heavily pregnant woman to learn is that if you don’t ask you don’t get. Sometimes I get so frustrated with everyone around the house, as I feel like I am doing everything and no one bothers to help. I’m picking up dirty clothes on the floor, toys on the couch, cleaning dirty plates left in the sink, and packing away shoes left on the doormat daily. And then there’s schlepping the grocery bags in from the car, feeding the dog, making dinner… the list goes on. Many of these chores can be designated, and this is a great way for Dad to help out! Tell him to please make dinner a few nights, so you can hop into a bubble bath – he’s going to need to learn to be a little self-sufficient and helpful around the house, especially when breastfeeding becomes your main priority!

It is tradition for the husband to get the wife a little something after having the baby – why not get something for when you’re in hospital? Trust me, you are going to want and need a beautiful breastfeeding PJ set for your time in hospital. Family and friends are going to be popping by while you’re in hospital and also the weeks following the baby’s arrival. With Hannah, I didn’t have a breastfeeding PJ set and it made my life very difficult, slipping my top up, trying to hide my breasts from visitors – eventually I felt like giving up and just letting them hang out because the effort was too much! This time round, I’d like to maintain my composure, look good and feel comfortable!

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