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Pregnancy Diary – week 36 – Pregnancy Pampering

Pregnancy Diary - Week 36

Written by Ashlea Harvey

Ashlea has been feeling in the need of some pregnancy pampering this week. With a toddler on the run and a belly soon to burst, finding time to treat herself is hard to come by, but she is sure to lavish her bump with Argan Oil, which can be used for hair, skin and nail care, massage, curing stretch marks and the treatment of various dermatological conditions.

Exhaustion has set in and quite honestly I just feel like lying in a robe in a cool room being massaged and pampered and fed grapes and watermelon. But reality is quite different, running around doing last minute shops, stocking up on nappies and formula for Hannah, preparing all the detergents, bin bags, and sundry items that the nanny will need during the weeks following the baby’s arrival.

I find it almost impossible to find time to myself, and a trip to the spa seems like a waste without being able to lie on my tummy and indulge in a glass of champagne, so instead I have had to find ways to pamper myself in 15-20 minute allotments in the evening after Hannah has gone to bed. I sometimes sneak off for a bubble bath with all my at home spa products, like my facial exfoliating powder, my hair mask and my more recent discovery – my all in one beauty bottle: Argan Oil. I wish I had discovered this sooner, as it is awesome. I have been using it for stretch marks on my belly and buttocks, and when I am lucky enough to get my husband to give me a backrub! I’ve long known about argan oil for the hair, but I’ve never really needed it until being pregnant. I’ve found that my hair has this weird, stubborn wave at the back, which my hairdresser says is due to pregnancy hormones (fingers crossed it goes away!). However, the only way I can get away with wearing my hair down (sans GHD) is to smooth a few drops of Argan oil into my hair. I will definitely be keeping this handy as it can also be used for baby massage, something I found extremely useful with relaxing Hannah as a newborn. I just watched a few videos on YouTube, educated myself on the movements, and it was such a special time with her. Every now and again I still give her a little massage, but she never lies as still as she did as a baby, and she giggles and squirms when I get to ticklish parts on her legs and feet. If only she knew how lucky she was!

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