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Pregnancy Diary – week 35 – Breastfeeding (part 2)

Pregnancy Diary - Week 35

Written by Ashlea

Harvey Ashlea shares her experience and advice when it comes to breastfeeding. She believes that investing in a maternity wardrobe that is comfortable and looks good during and post pregnancy, with a breastfeeding element is something important to consider when you first fall pregnant, like the Summer Annabella Breastfeeding Top and Roll Top Pencil Skirt Ashlea is seen wearing this week.  

Breastfeeding is not a simple wham bam type of task; it’s a lifestyle that you have to adjust to. If you want to make it work, it takes effort and preparation. But, it is well worth the investment, because, as I’ve learnt, I may as well have taken out shares in the baby formula companies with the amount we have spent on it in the past 2 years. If you’re looking to have an economical baby, breast is best. So, spend a little now and save a lot in the long run! I have put together a list of breastfeeding basics:

  1. Lanolin Nipple Cream – this stuff is costly but so worth it! Don’t cut corners with cheap nipple cream, there is nothing worse than cracked nipples.
  2. Laser – my hospital had a physiotherapist come around and assess whether I needed laser to repair damage to the nipples during breastfeeding. She gave me 2 small treatments and my nipples were good to go! It was not at all painful, like normal laser procedures and it was mostly covered by my medical aid.
  3. LilyPadz – I definitely intend on giving these a go! Breast pads are costly and you go through them faster than you can imagine. Re-useable and non-absorbant are the two features which sold me on this product!
  4. Breastfeeding Apron – One of the vital parts of breastfeeding is being able to relax in order to get a let down. If you are constanly trying to readjust a breastfeeding blanket or throw, that let down is not going to come. I am most certainly investing in a comfortable breastfeeding apron that will allow me to feed in public – you don’t want to be prisoned to the house to fit in with feed times!
  5. Nursing Bras – I made the dreaded mistake of buying unpractical nursing bras. They didn’t clip down and looked dreadful! I felt like a contortionist everytime I tried to breastfeed. Make sure they are easy to use, comfortable, and most importantly, stick to a dark colour like black – leaking breasts and oily nipple creams leave the most unsightly stains on white bras.
  6. Breastfeeding tops and clothes – if you haven’t learnt this yet, you are about to discover that although you very soon won’t be fulling out your maternity clothes, you are far from packing them away. After baby comes breastfeeding, and with that comes a whole other wardrobe you never imagined you would need. Rather than scouring the shelves for button downs and boob tubes, rather choose your maternity range wisely and get clothes that look good during and post pregnancy, and offer a breastfeeding element. Don’t forget this in your pyjama range too; you’ll be in your pyjamas most of the time anyway!
  7. Breastfeeding Pillow – Just as it is important for you to feel comfortable while breatfeeding, it’s equally important for baby to be comfortable in order to correctly latch. A breastfeeding pillow is going to make all the difference in positioning baby and making sure your arms don’t feel as though they are about to fall off after a feed.
  8. Expressing – I was fortunate enough to be given a Medela electrical pump from a friend who had bought one, but never got her milk. To be honest, I hated expressing, it made me feel like a cow and it took forever, however, it gave me some freedom, allowed me to go back to work and feed Hannah breastmilk for a few weeks longer. Invest in an electrical one – it’s well worth the extra amount. Don’t kid yourself that you are going to express at work – I most certainly didn’t and there wasn’t even a space for me to plug the machine into whilst I did. You’ll have to do most of your expressing prior to going back to the workplace. So, buy a bunch of those Avent containers and start stocking up your freezer from day 1!
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