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Pregnancy Diary – Week 30 – "Summer Belly"

Pregnancy Diary - Week 30

Written by Ashlea Harvey

Keeping cool during the Summer months is hard enough as is, but Ashlea is finding creative, stylish ways to look good, stay cool and entertain her toddler while waiting for her due date. She is looking Summer Styling in her my Annabella Maxi Dress – the perfect dress for any occasion.

‘Whale in a loincloth’ is what comes to mind when one thinks of a 30-week pregnant woman in the hottest month of the year, and is an image I am willing to avoid at all expense. When I think of summer in Cape Town, my favorite time of year, I think of a white sandy beach, my favorite sunhat, a glowing tan, and endless blue ocean. Something I have to reinvent with a toddler in tow and a tummy that somwhat resembles one of Hannah’s oversized beachballs.

So, my beach outings have become summer days at home around our lovely new pool, warm nights out in my Annabella Maxi Dress, sipping on soda and lime mocktails, with the all-too-often occasional sorbet. December is also the month of Christmas parties, braais and the time of year that everyone is looking their best – something a little more challenging when you are sweaty, uncomfortable and tired, but by no means impossible. So, what are my must-haves for a 7 Tips for a Stylish Summer Belly?

  1. A great big sunhat and shades
  2. My Annabella Maxi Dress
  3. A pair of comfy, glitzy sandals
  4. Sunscreen – a high factor for your face and a 30 for that sensitive preggy belly
  5. One of your bigger bikinis
  6. A big tub of real fruit sorbet
  7. Soda and Lime Cordial in a champagne flute (because although we can’t drink champagne, it doesn’t mean we can’t at least look a little glam)

And with the above 7 tips, a pregnant woman can look stylish just about anywhere, at any time. So roll on summer and lets enjoy being able to kick back and relax, while we wait for baby to arrive!


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