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Pregnancy Diary – Week 29 – Writing your birth plan

Pregnancy Diary – Week 29

By Ashlea Harvey

Writing a Birth Plan is an important part of preparing for baby, but as Ashlea has learnt in the past, you can’t put your heart into one birthing scenario, but rather educate yourself on the different procedures. This week she is wearing her Fancy Knit Maternity Top, Shoe String Camisole and Printed Leggings, which she says she can’t wait to wear after baby, as well!

With my first pregnancy, writing a birth plan seemed to be something very important in all of the literature I read. Do you want an epidural? Do you want an epesiotomy? What music do you want playing in the background? What medical team do you want? It can all be extremely daunting! With my first pregnancy, I decided to not have a birth plan, other than the fact that I would make decisions as they needed to be made at the time, I would try for natural, but as Hannah was lying sunny-side up/ OP, it may not have been an option. But, all of that was thrown out the window, when I went for a checkup on my due date and was rushed into an emergency caesarian as Hannah was in fetal distress and her heart rate was yo-yoing up and down.  Within 15 minutes she was born. It all happened so quickly, but it made me realize how quickly your plans can be thrown out the window. Thank goodness, I wasn’t too set on things going according to plan; however, I was extremely relieved that Hannah was healthy and alive.

I am a firm believer that you have to make up your own mind of what you want, but at the same time, be prepared to have those plans change at the last second. I think that educating yourself on both natural and caesarian birth procedures is important, because you’ll perhaps be a bit more clued up on what was going on, than I was with Hannah. Personally, I have decided to have a caesarian again, purely because I didn’t find the recovery time very bad at all – I was up and about the day after Hannah was born, and I think I just feel safer knowing that there are fewer unknowns with a caesar. But, I am sure there is something special about giving birth as well. It’s up to you to find what works for you, but be prepared for either.


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