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Pregnancy Diary – week 28 – Nesting

Pregnancy Diary - week 28

Written by Ashlea Harvey

This week Ashlea has been nesting: fixing curtains, sorting out baby clothes, the baby cupboard and making the house homey for the new arrival. She is wearing her Annabella Salsa Wrap Dress.

I woke up the other morning and had a sudden urge to put all of the baby’s clothes in the wash with special baby detergent, start organizing cupboard space, rearranging Hannah’s bedroom and the compactum area, storing nappies and stock-up on toiletries. For the last few days I have been behaving somewhat like a Mummy Squirrel – I even pulled out the sewing machine!

Nesting is one of the most incredible urges a mother-to-be can experience. It comes over you instantaneously, it’s an urge you can’t resist, and it sends you on trips that are so unlike your natural behaviour (like me and the sewing machine).

A friend of mine, Jade, is due on the same date as me, and she has been cooking up a storm, making freezable dinners such as pies and pastas ahead of the baby’s arrival. So, it must be something that begins around week 28. Unfortunately, she has sparked the idea of cooking freezable pies for the time that I am in hospital and when we return home with the baby. So, I am in the process of making a roast chicken pie and have already frozen some leftover bolognaise! Nesting is one of those beautiful attributes of pregnancy, I guess one just has to embrace it as nature makes you a mother.        

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