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Pregnancy diary – week 27 – pregnancy side effects

Pregnancy diary - week 27

Written by Ashlea Harvey

This week, Ashlea is noticing a range of pregnancy side effects, from tiredness to being emotional. As her last week of her second trimester comes to an end, Ashlea is struggling to find comfortable clothes. Today she is wearing her short-sleeve Annabella dress, which she says is great to dress up or down.

Growing feet, faintly appearing stretchmarks, and the inevitable move from zips and buttons to roll tops and elastics marks my pregnancy this week. Let me not mention my frequent mood swings and irratability. My usual quiet and soft nature seems to have cracked at the seams, and if pushed, a teenage version of myself exposes herself, with all her irrational behaviour and lack of understanding. I am not sure if I remember myself being like this in my last pregnancy, but my husband assures me I was. I guess we forget the worst and treasure the best!

This past week I have been feeling very pregnant and very tired. I spoke to my doctor at my last checkup and I have started taking a B-Complex vitamin to help with the fatigue, as well as drinking more water, as I hear that could also be a cause. I must say that I have noticed an improvement since taking extra vitamins. However, Hannah is such a busy little girl and she is a good cause of my tiredness! Just this morning I took her to the park with a friend and I was up and down chasing after her, because I unfortunately have  ‘A Runner’ (I am holding thumbs that it pays off in the long run, with a sports scholarship!).

Something I have been experiencing is Braxton Hicks contractions. I would basically describe the sensation as a tightening of my stomach muscles and my belly feels rock hard. Sometimes I even find it slightly painful. The doctor said it’s my body telling me I am doing too much and it is time to take a rest. So, after the park, Hannah’s nap and a quick grocery shop, I sat down with Hannah to her tea party. With just one trimester left, I am trying to fit in lots of one on one time with her. It is so scary to think that just 20 months ago I was pregnant with her, and now this adorable, confident little person stands before me, sipping her make-believe tea and sharing her wooden toast and egg.


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