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Pregnancy Diary – week 26 – Planning ahead for work

Pregnancy Diary - week 26
Written by Ashlea Harvey

Planning ahead for work is something to consider early, as you never know whether you may have an early arrival or need to take bed rest closer to your due date. Ashlea shares some tips on preparation and workplace maternity fashion in her Lace Inset Tunic and a Roll Top Pencil Skirt.

There are so many things to consider when you start planning your maternity leave, and as your due date draws near, you’ll find it ever more difficult to find appropriate maternity work clothes. Flowing dresses are always easiest and can be dressed up with jewelry for the workplace. Another great addition to your maternity office wardrobe is roll top pants or a roll top skirt.

During these final weeks, you want to be comfortable, especially if you are sitting at a desk for long hours. An important things to start considering is how you are going to get paid during your maternity leave. When I had Hannah, my company did not pay a cent towards maternity leave, so I had to apply for UIF. I used a UIF company assisting pregnant moms. I had to complete countless forms, have my current and prior employers complete forms, as well as my doctor. I was paid in batches, but not to the full amount of my salary. It was worth the effort, but a rather tedious task, so get cracking on that! If you will be passing your workload on to a colleague, start keeping a working document with guidance and instructions, so you don’t have a big handover when the time comes. I currently run my own media training business, so my income will come to a standstill when baby arrives, so in my case, planning ahead was important. Remember that work can be stressful, so make sure that you have a good stress release routine, whether it be a regular de-stress swim, a yoga class, or a gym session to let off some steam and give yourself a mental break. I am finding that I am getting stressed out more easily during this pregnancy, and silly things like a dirty cup left in the sink seems to drive me crazy, so work related stresses can put you on a hormonal rollercoaster! Remember to breath, keep calm and take a moment.


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