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Pregnancy Diary – week 24 – Baby Names

Pregnancy Diary - week 24

By Ashlea Harvey

Ashlea dusts off the Baby Name Book and the name debate begins. This week she is enjoying lounging in her pink Annabella Camisole Dotty Nightie.

One of the most difficult things about having a baby is chosing a name for them! It seems that everyone feels the need to add his or her two cents worth, and this is possibly the worst situation as deciding on a name is tricky enough as it is! When Claude and I first fell pregnant with Hannah, her name was going to be Brooke, however we got cold feet towards the end as we were so afraid people would call her ‘Brookies’, ‘Smelly Brookes’, ‘Brooke-lax’ or anything similar. In the last few weeks before she was born, Claude suggested ‘Hannah’ and it was a name I had always liked, but for whatever reason, we had never discussed it. Luckily, no one tried to convince us that it was a common name, that they knew someone in school who was nasty with that name, or found some horrible way that kids would tease her at school with a name like that.

This time we have found that every family member wants to be involved in the name, so we have simply decided not to share our name with anyone, and when pushed, we have told people jokingly that we will be calling her ‘Edwina Henrietta Harvey’ (as Claude’s father’s name is Edwin Henry). This leaves everyone shocked and unsure if they should believe us or not, but ultimately keeps them from sharing their opinions. Claude and I have actually decided on a name, but knowing how it goes, it will probably change in the next few weeks. And you will all just have to wait to find out what Edwina Henrietta Harvey’s real name will be!

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