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Pregnancy Diary – week 23 – Pregnancy Superfoods

Pregnancy Diary - week 23

By Ashlea Harvey

Ashlea is following a healthy diet packed with yummy pregnancy superfoods. She is wearing the Annabella Light Rose Sun Dress.

A healthy diet and pregnancy super foods, Okay, so I admit, I am human and hormonal and have begun to feel the pregnant pang of hunger and desire to gorge myself on liquorice all sorts (note that liquorice is apparently not good for the foetus). So, after discovering this at least a bag or two in, I have been doing some research on pregnancy superfoods and plan to cook up a storm for baby and me. Iron-rich foods score an A+ in your diet, so I’m stocking up on dried apricots to snack on. A bowl of vitamin fortified cereal and a banana can give you lots of much-needed folic acid and potassium. Yoghurt brings you plenty of calcium, something you’ll need as your baby takes more of your supply. Fruit and veg are a must, and it was interesting to discover that sweet potato has a whole range of goodness in it! Strawberries are in season at the moment and packed with vitamin C, as well as great in aiding iron uptake.

Protein rich foods, like meats, fish and eggs are great meal choices; but limit yourself to two portions a day. If you are a vegetarian, a good alternative would be chickpeas or quinoa. A good, healthy snack is sunflower seeds, packed with your omegas, vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. And of course there’s the water lecture: 8 glasses a day. I know we all fib when asked how many glasses we drink a day, but I’m going to make a big effort to boost water consumption and limit my coffee to just one a day.  Now, to celebrate my new found pregnancy super diet, I have a play date tea party planned with some friends and spent all day yesterday baking up a storm of traditional fudge, malva sponge cake and strawberry cupcakes (in my defense there are real berries in there – lots of vitamin C).

I guess this will have to be my last hoorah before I go back to my super summer pregnancy eating-plan. In good faith, I will place a bowl of sunflower seeds and dried apricots on the table. I haven’t picked up much weight this far, about 4.5KGs, but I feel this is the turning point of pregnancy and things could go either way, so I am willing myself to be strong and healthy.

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