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Pregnancy Diary – Week 21 – The flu when pregnant

Flu when pregnant

By Ashlea Harvey

The flu when pregnant! Ashlea is recovering from a cold in the comfort of her Heather Pyjama Set.

Having the flu is bad enough, but getting it when you are pregnant is definitely the pits. When all I’ve wanted to do is take a double Corenza and sleep it off, I have unfortunately been bound to the limits of paracetamol, my ever-trustworthy Netty Pot, and the odd Halls.

At least I have the comfort of my big bed, a toddler who has been on her best behaviour, and silky soft pyjamas. The baby has kept me entertained with her little kicks and jiggles, and I’ve been catching up on some Super Nanny episodes, which I am finding extremely helpful as Hannah reaches her temper twos a little early.

I guess that being stuck in bed isn’t all that bad, I’ve had a much-needed chance to catch up on sleep and rest, as well as spend some one-on-one time with the little baby in my tummy. On an average day, we are so busy running around and working hard, that we seldom take the time to sit back and connect with that little growing person inside. To think that she is roughly the size of a carrot, 26.6cm long, and already has little eyebrows and lids, is a miracle. Rest is so important when we are pregnant; after all we are creating a life!


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