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Pregnancy Diary – Week 20 – Maternity Fashion Tips

Maternity Tips

By Ashlea Harvey

Half way there!!! Ashlea hits the halfway mark in her pregnancy and starts to get excited about those first kicks. She wears her ¾ sleeve Annabella Dress, which is perfect for spring weather.

One moment that instills the reality of the little person growing inside your belly, is when you feel those first kicks. It is such a precious moment for a Mommy and Daddy, waiting in anticipation for the next little wriggle of life growing inside. The last few nights, Claude and I have been lying on the bed with his hand on my tummy, feeling little fluttery kicks, like tiny bubbles popping inside my tummy.

I have been telling my toddler, Hannah, “Mommy has a baby in her tummy,” but I am not sure she quite grasps the fact that in four short months she will be a big sister. In fact, it’s difficult for me to even imagine that! So, I started to unpack some of Hannah’s newborn clothes this week., to make it a bit more of a reality. I couldn’t believe how small they were, and looking at the petite little outfits, I remembered how cute, tiny and vulnerable little Hannah was, how precious those first weeks are, and how I just felt that instant love, wondering how I had ever existed without this little person in my life before. I can’t begin to imagine what it will be like with another baby in the house, but I know that it will be a natural transition, just as it was with Hannah.


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