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Pregnancy Diary – Week 19 – Maternity Fashion Tips

Maternity Fashion Tips

By Ashlea Harvey

Goodbye to nausea – Hello to more energy Ashlea (one of the faces of Annabella) embraces her new found energy and takes to the outdoors in her Black Lace Inset Tunic, Printed Leggings and Tweed Cardi with tie.

Now that the nausea has passed, I am taking full advantage of this special stage of pregnancy, when you have enough energy to get out and about, and you’re small enough to do so! So, this weekend, my husband, Claude, my daughter, Hannah and I packed a little picnic and took full advantage of the sunshine at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Being pregnant, this time with an 18 month old in tow has been a little more challenging, as Hannah is always on the run and I seem to be forever chasing after her, but at least it is keeping me in shape.

The Gardens seemed to be a perfect place to do this and Hannah had an absolute ball, smelling the flowers and running down the grass slopes. Once Hannah had tired herself out, we put her in her pram and we took a nice long stroll. Along the way I passed another first time pregnant mommy, who was about 8 months along, waddling by. My bump suddenly looked a lot smaller and I thought how amazing it is that in just 4 more months, I will be waddling like that too, and soon after I’ll have 2 little ones under 2!

I’ve decided to take full advantage of this new found vitality, and we will be dropping Hannah off at her Grandparents this public holiday, while Claude and I attempt to hike Lions Head, or at least hike it as far as I can go!

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