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Pregnancy Diary – Week 18 – Maternity Fashion Tips

Pregnancy Diary - Week 18

Pregnancy Diary written by Ashlea Harvey (one of the faces of annabella)

That growing bump

Ashlea finally leaves behind her morning sickness and embraces her pregnancy with the flowing Winter Salsa Dress  After several weeks of intense nausea, I am finally feeling the joys of pregnancy – I have that pregnant glow, that little growing bump and my hair has suddenly started to get luscious and thick. Although, I need not mention that it is not only growing on my head, but unfortunately on my belly too! To my great relief, it is blonde and it is winter, so I can keep it hidden.

In the past week, I have become noticably pregnant and my skinny jeans have been folded away until I am able to salvage my pre-pregnancy figure again. The jeans sit in my cupboard, like a future goal reminder, taunting me not to give in to my intense chocolate cravings that hit after dinner. So, this weekend I pulled out my Winter Salsa Dress for a night out. I’ve worn it prior to falling pregnant, and it looked beautiful, fitting perfectly at every curve; so I was so pleasantly surprised when it seemed to look even more beautiful curving around my belly. At this stage in pregnancy, I am so nervous about looking fat, rather than pregnant, and this dress truly embraces pregnancy. When heads turned when I entered the restaurant, I knew it was because of the dress – it’s rich colour and the way it flows when you walk really make a statement – and it’s one that you need: to feel attractive when the skinny jeans no longer fit!


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