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Pregnancy Diary – Baby and Breastfeeding


Written by Ashlea Harvey

Ashlea has welcomed Brooke Annabella Harvey into the world and has been kept busy breastfeeding her little one. Hear the truth about breastfeeding and some great tips to make it a success. I am going to be honest – it takes some time to get used to your day comprising of waking up, changing nappy, breast feeding, burping baby, lying baby down to sleep, making tea and breakfast, changing nappy, breastfeeding, burping baby… and next thing you know it’s 11am and you aren’t even out of your PJs! (Well, if it’s the lovely Winter Vintage PJ Set that I am sitting in bed wearing right now, lets face it – that ain’t a bad thing!).

Breastfeeding Brooke started out slow, I felt as though I was feeding for hours (which I was) and that my life had become the main part in a dairy farm show. I loved the time with Brooke, but it was exhausting. Luckily, since I have started expressing, using fenugreek, and subsequently started taking eglonol for a few days, my milk supply has shot up and breastfeeding is a breeze!

Brooke is feeding much faster, she has mastered the art of breastfeeding lying down (I simply place Brooke on a pillow lying down, then position myself, lying down, so that the breast on top goes into Brooke’s mouth), and I seem to even have energy to express 200-300ml per day! I find that I have been wearing solely clothes that are easy for breastfeeding. The Annabella Dresses have been a lifesaver, even the Salsa Wrap Dress that doesn’t have a shelf bra, but is such easy access if you need to breastfeed while out and about.

As my main attire has been pyjamas, I have found that the traditional breastfeeding PJs are great, like the Maternity and Vintage Breastfeeding set, but I have also been wearing the Camisole Dotty Nightie, and my breastpads seem to stay in place in the bra. I’ve even found myself enjoying the summer nights in my breastfeeding bra and boy shorts, with just my kimono as a coverup.

The thing about breastfeeding, is you need to make it work for you – with a toddler in tow, I’ve had to become somewhat of a multitasker. I’ve even mastered the art of breastfeeding without hands! Simply using my BabyBjorn baby carrier, I’ve positioned the straps at that Brooke is breast height, and the carrier holds her in the upright breastfeeding position. I even managed to chase after Hannah at the aquarium the other day while breastfeeding! With my nifty breastfeeding cover, nobody even knew I was being Super Mom!

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