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Longing for something (someone) so deeply….

Early losses are difficult to understand (if you are the mommy going through it), more difficult to explain (if you have an audience of family and friends staring at you in disbelieve as to why you are still trying to conceive as clearly it is not working), even harder to come to terms with (especially if you have seen that little heart and heard it beating more than once on an ultrasound), and most definitely never forgotten (if you carry the scars in your heart, the ultrasound pictures in you drawer and the unopen baby clothes in your nursery cupboard). Continue reading

The power of yoga

I have been doing yoga for years. It has helped me grow, get through some though times, keep my body healthy and in shape and meet some amazing souls. Continue reading

Back in my skinny jeans by Ashlea Harvey (SA Reporter)

It’s been 3 months since I had Hannah and the days of waddling around have been replaced by breastfeeding and burping. Although I made a conscious effort not to over indulge during my pregnancy, I did end up putting on a few extra kilos. My husband said to me that I wasn’t getting jewelry like most new moms, I was getting a personal trainer. And it’s been the best gift I could have asked for. Continue reading

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