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Maternity and breastfeeding fashion for summer

Breastfeeding Fashion

Written by Pippa Leenstra

Annabella sent me another one of their styles to try, and this one is my favourite yet. Summer is well and truly here in Jozi, so it’s dresses all the way for me now – so much more comfy over my expanding belly than pants.

I wore this maternity and breastfeeding dress to lunch with a few friends a couple of Sundays ago. We went to a place called Longmeadow. It’s a win of a restaurant if you have kids by the way – there’s loads of space for them to play. I find most kid-friendly places a complete sensory overload and I leave feeling like I need to go and lie down in a quiet room on my own for a few hours! But Longmeadow is so super chilled, it’s not geared specifically for kids but the massive green lawn and space make it easy to accommodate them. (Yes I know I’m featuring the yellow bag again too, it’s a fave at the moment)

Anyway – back to the dress, I loved loved LOVED wearing it, and got loads of compliments on it too. It is going to be worn to its death, I just know it. The fabric is (like all the fabrics Annabella use) so light, soft and comfy on my skin, perfect for a preggy belly.

You can wear this dress in 3 different ways 1. Tie in the front, like I did 2. Cross over & tie under bust for the babydoll look 3. Cross over and tie at the waist (post pregnancy). Go onto the website here to see all of the above ways to wear the dress. The dress is also designed for discreet breastfeeding – winner. I’ll show you how all of that works when I get to that point but basically you just undo the tie and unhook the one-handed breastfeeding clasp to pull down the cup, as per pic below.

I’m looking forward to wearing this dress again, and again, and again…

About Pippa Pippa studied at the London College of Fashion, honing a natural gift for what looks good on other people – with the sensitivity to work with any body shape or form.

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