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You’re pregnant!!

blog-lisa“You’re pregnant”…isn’t that what every woman who has ever wanted to have a child longs to hear? Especially someone with a history of miscarriages, endometriosis and fibroids, who is over forty and just got married…that is completely clumsy… oh wait that describes me to a “T”!

In a way, my journey to this moment started with healing others and helping thousands of them to become pregnant, to have wonderful births and very healthy babies.

In the year 2000, I started practicing emotional therapies only. Having finished third year psychology and my journey accreditation, I started helping women with their grief due to the loss of a child or a miscarriage. I then added “EFT” or Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotion Code, NLP neurolinguistic programming and kinesiology to the mix. All this in an effort to help those that were “infertile” according to their doctors. They needed to be released from the pain, anger, sadness, loss, guilt, shame and most often the fear of it all happening again.

In 2007, I found my way to working for the importers SCIO – the scientific device biofeedback technology. I then went out on my own a year later after buying my own SCIO quantum healing device. This device picks up viruses, worms, parasites or fungus in all the organs of the body as well as all the things that are out of balance in the body. It then has programs that send anti-frequencies to aid in alerting the body of foreign matter. It also sends “sarcode” frequencies that tell healthy organs of the body like the lung, heart, liver or uterus how they are suppose to behave and what they are actually supposed to be doing… in other words, how to work optimally!
Once having done that, there are frequencies of a whole range of medicines… Homeopathic, Chinese Herbal, South African Herbal, Aruvedic just to name a few, plus all the vitamins minerals antioxidants that your body may have need of. It helps the body to be able to absorb these better or store them better.

In fact there are over 289 therapies inside this machine! Each person is different and requires different focus. This SCIO determines if someone has a physical, emotional, mental, dietary or a spiritual issue. In most cases however, it is a combination of some or all of these. It also suggests the best therapies and type of medication for each person.

So when I started working on the SCIO, I found more and more woman coming to see me that were suffering from grief due to miscarriages or the loss of a child. As they came, I found ways to help them. I discovered that a side effect was that it helped and healed my own heart too. I found similarities in the different cases; they fell into a few categories…
Some had a bacteria microbial fungal infection/s which caused the miscarriages. In fact there were women who had suffered three or more miscarriages that were trying again. After the infections were cleared, we had to work on the emotions of both the husbands and wives. Once those were cleared, we worked on creating a healthy uterus for the new baby. We then gave them dates according to their ovulation cycle and encouraged romance and a healthy conception diet. These were the easiest groups to work with!

The next group were those that had hysterectomies or cancer of the uterus or ovaries. The one woman only had five more eggs according to her doctors and she was 47 already (plus she only came to see me twice and did none of the things I asked her to do). Basically those that don’t have the organs required to have children are most traumatized by the fact they aren’t  “real” women anymore. Some were too sick to have children or getting so close to menopause that they didn’t produce the eggs.
These were the women that I knew I could help with health issues but not necessarily with becoming pregnant immediately (and in some cases at all- as I could see no way when the organs had been removed)  I also certainly wasn’t going to bring extra stress to a woman’s body or a baby into a very ill body. Until they had healed, I would not attempt it. I  let them know upfront and many chose not to work with me as a result. Of those that did, two seriously ill women became healthy and went on to have beautiful children. The others were all in categories that either had no eggs, no ovary or no uterus so we worked on them becoming okay with never having a child of their own… until they were in acceptance.

The last group were women with fibroids or endometriosis whom doctors had told could never fall pregnant. There were a lot less in this group. There was always an emotional issue, sometimes a huge sexual trauma, that had to be dealt with in order to heal. Those that were ready to clear stayed and we worked through this first. Then we dealt with parasites or bacterial and fungal infections like in the previous group as well as heavy metals in their systems. More important than that though, we had to get the diet right. Some just wanted to clear the painful periods they were having or some of the symptoms of the endometriosis.

One woman said she felt that they were ready to have another child, either their own or another adoption if she was not able to have her own. She had next to no hope that anything would work, but she did want to fix her health. They went ahead and applied for adoption and in three weeks they had adopted another baby – a boy ☺️
A week later I told her that if she doesn’t want to become pregnant and end up having three children under the age of 3, she will need to use some form of contraception… she laughed at me! I guess she didn’t believe me. Eight months later they had another little girl, biologically theirs, this time. This was one of my little miracle babies!

With thousands of woman falling pregnant under my care and 18 miracle babies that are well and healthy, it has been a true blessing indeed to be a small part of it all.

When I fell in love and came to get married last year, I knew I would have similar obstacles to overcome…
All of last year, until the end of May, my fiancé and I discussed having a child together and decided to try as soon as we were married.
I had already worked on all the emotional stuff after the miscarriage of my first and only other pregnancy (or so I had thought). I knew I had fibroids and endometriosis with extremely painful periods and although I had been playing at working on myself; it was the case of the plumber having no working toilet or the cobbler with no shoes to wear-I hadn’t been looking after myself in the way I was nurturing my clients.

So I started to take my own advice as if I was my client. I booked sessions for myself in advance. I got tests done to check for any infections and I found that I had picked up a few. When I tested myself  on the SCIO, I got the same results as the blood tests that came back. I sourced Chinese herbs and bought homeopathic medicines which SCIO recommended to clear all the physical issues, heavy metals and bacterial and other infections.
I made sure my diet was extra healthy as health at conception is determined by health of the mother for at least three months prior to conception. I started taking the vitamins that I was slightly deficient in. I exercised for at least 15mins everyday and drank filtered or bottled water only. I also took a specific Chinese Medicine that helps to build a uterus of a 20 year old at 39 ( I took this for the three months before the wedding.)

Then the wedding, after which we had planned our honeymoon to start 20 days later to coincide with the end of my next period (just one of the reasons)  so that I would have a full cycle while we were away with no days of pain- just relaxation and fun filled adventures. I also took a natural medicine from day 14 after the  start of my period, around conception time, that helped with nutrition plus the implantation of the egg.
I knew the moment I became pregnant… it was just like the last time. I had the same symptoms and although I had done all that emotional work, there was still a little part of me that was scared I would loose this one too. So I told no one, not even my hubby, until I named the fear and released it as I had with other pregnant women.
Fear of the actual birth showed for most of my clients at some point during their pregnancy and I helped them to clear that too. Building the self esteem of a woman and getting her to relax is just about the most important aspect if she wants to give birth naturally. In the process of becoming a mother, I have been doing all of the exercises and programs I put together for women, plus we do visualizations. I encourage yoga classes and anything I see will help their body, emotions, mind set or soul during this process.
Often the movement of the hips and bones as a result of expanding uterus creates back pain which I work on with myself and my clients. For some I do suggest an adjustment or body stress release, for others the SCIO works it out in their normal sessions. All of which I have been doing myself.
I am helping myself keep healthy by doing a SCIO session once a month unless there is an issue, then I do more just to make sure all is well- as I  would do with my clients. In week eight of my pregnancy. I fell and bounced on my tummy twice. My sac was torn, fluid was leaking I was bleeding -a pretty scary time for me! I did myself on the  SCIO every other day while I was on bed rest and a scan a week afterwards showed no sign of the fall-not even any scar tissue, just a little fluid which the doctor said would be absorbed in a week or so. Gosh was I relieved!

So I am checking my emotions, stabilizing my crazzzzy hormones and letting my body know at each BIG week of growth just what it needs to be absorbing. Also I find out what I must be eating more of so I don’t binge on anything I don’t require. (This picture of moi on Valentine’s Day in my Annabella Maternity Dress shows just how healthy I am feeling ? )

There will be things that come up later after the birth, too. Breastfeeding for one, some women come for infected nipples or to heal after a c-section or even a natural birth. Almost all come to check the baby in the first few weeks and to put them on the SCIO. When they need a session in an emergency, they do not have to come out to see me in person. Yes, this therapy uses the earths magnetic field to send and receive the frequencies – it can and does find you no matter where you are. Even if you are right in front of me, or thousands of kilometers away, it will work the same. The difference is that you will get more emotional work done when we are here in person. But I  have solved that too by having Skype or What’s app call sessions, if possible.

Now I have whole families on the SCIO- mom, dad, baby/kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all their children.
They come to see me when they are seriously ill with Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, etc  and for the everyday childhood or adult diseases. From flu, measles, mumps, German measles and chicken pox to teething, falls, injuries, learning difficulties, allergies, sports injuries and stresses (physical or emotional). New mothers especially love that they can understand what is going on in the big picture with their child when that child can’t even talk as yet- the SCIO talks for them.

So I AM PREGNANT… more than halfway now…having a baby girl and she is soooo beautiful from the scan that we did last week. We are a bigger family through marriage and when this little one is born, we will grow again and I will be a mother! What a blessing to be carrying this soul – such a privilege that I never thought I would have.

If there is anyone in your world that is struggling in any of these ways, especially if it is you,with health issues or trying to become pregnant., during pregnancy,after birth, the stresses of daily life, learning difficulties, sports injuries, allergies, emotional issues that need clearing… or just needing a general health scan for you or a loved one then send them this article or give them my number, I am happy to help in anyway I can…. because I can!

To book a session sms or call Lisa Pivo at LisaHealing on 0820469487
Please note: my phone is off while I am in a session, so if you leave a message, I will call you back as soon as I can or feel free to call again when suits it suits you.

All blessings


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