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You’re pregnant!!

“You’re pregnant”…isn’t that what every woman who has ever wanted to have a child longs to hear? Especially someone with a history of miscarriages, endometriosis and fibroids, who is over forty and just got married…that is completely clumsy… oh wait that describes me to a “T” Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 23 – Pregnancy Superfoods

A healthy diet and pregnancy super foods, Okay, so I admit, I am human and hormonal and have begun to feel the pregnant pang of hunger and desire to gorge myself on liquorice all sorts (note that liquorice is apparently not good for the foetus). Continue reading

PMS – what is it?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a collection of physical and psychological symptoms that flare up about a week to ten days before the onset of menstruation, and then ease off after it has started. Continue reading

A simple guide to an alkaline-forming diet

What does it mean to say that a food is alkaline-forming? When foods are digested they are broken down, absorbed, pass through various metabolic processes and then enter the blood – either in a more acidic or more alkaline form, depending on the food. The measured acidity of the food before it is digested is not necessarily an indication of how it will affect your blood pH. Continue reading

Shape Up Smoothies by Kelly Schreuder

Protein e.g. whey or hemp protein – whey is an excellent recovery snack component that really helps to rebuild your muscles and hemp is a more alkaline-forming plant source of protein. Continue reading

Everyone needs some mental help!!

This is just a quick review about Jenny and one of the books she has written. I went to see Jenny a few times when I needed some guidance. I have also read – and rate – the book! Continue reading

Super Bircher Muesli – Kelly Schreuder

This is a standard recipe that you can alter to suit your preferences. The basic ingredients are oats and some liquid to soak them in overnight. The liquid can be milk, water, apple juice or any other fruit juice you like – fresh orange or berry juices work nicely. Continue reading

A Yummy and Healthy lunch idea – Kelly Schreuder

Confetti salad Makes one large bowl that keeps well for a few days Ingredients ½ large green cabbage (or a mix of green and red if you like), finely shredded Spring onions (about 4 for a large bowl) Continue reading

Got the Blues – By Renee Gielis

Hi moms! After giving birth hormones shift, sleepless nights and the challenge of dealing with a newborn all kick in! Many moms develop postpartum depression up to a year after giving birth.My gynae gave my husband strict instructions to watch me like a hawk! – though I doubt he would have picked it up he was so sleep deprived himself! Continue reading

Eating for 2?

How much more should we be eating when pregnant ? Should we be eating for 2? Recommendations vary greatly worldwide. The British Dietetic Association advocate only an additional 200 kcal in the 3rd trimester (this means a cheese sandwich and a fruit extra). Continue reading

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