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Home visits after our baby is born… why should we when everyone else seems to cope?

Research shows that moms who get support from the very beginning in terms of home visits, cope better, breastfeed for longer and adjust more quickly to their new role.

I had my first child almost 8 years ago. I remember having a fantastic pregnancy with him but labour and childbirth didn’t exactly go according to plan and I found breastfeeding challenging in the first few weeks. I came home feeling a little traumatized about the birth and anxious about getting everything right (after all, I was a midwife so how hard could this be!). I made a clinic appointment for a weeks time (as they tell you to do when you are discharged from hospital), but it felt like a very long week. I had so many questions and I wasn’t even sure that my baby was latching correctly, even though I had taught moms how to breastfeed. The clinic I went to were immensely kind, but they only had a half hour slot with me and didn’t have the time to sit and watch a feed or go through my many questions in detail.  So, I battled along… My sister had her baby in the UK four years ago. Although we have probably all heard some not-so-great stories about having your baby in the UK, something they do right is that Community Care midwives / Health visitors come to your home for the first 10 days or so to check on you and your baby.

Research shows that moms who get support from the very beginning in terms of home visits, cope better, breastfeed for longer and adjust more quickly to their new role. As my children got older, I decided to start my own postnatal care and support practice, Motherhood Matters, that concentrated on doing home visits (as opposed to also trying to run a baby clinic) where I could offer quality postnatal care for mom and baby and spend time with a new mom in the comfort of her home. We are now a group of 3 registered midwives – Megan Benn, Tanya Moffat and Lynn Keck. In addition to being a midwife, Lynn is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a certified baby massage instructor.

It is difficult to imagine that everything just won’t fall into place easily once your baby is born when you may be glowing with pregnancy bliss. The reality is that even if we spend a lot of time preparing for the day of baby’s arrival, we can’t really prepare for being a parent. If you chat to any new mom or dad, they will honestly tell you that the first few weeks after the baby’s arrival is a period of huge adjustment for all of you, and even though they got through it, there were days that were immensely challenging. Motherhood Matters is here to help you meet the challenges of bringing home your new baby so you don’t have to muddle along. You can book our services in pregnancy so you can go home from hospital knowing that home visits will take place within the first 2-3 days of being home to check on you and your baby. The Benefits of having home visits with Motherhood Matters include:

  • Individualised care leading to higher breastfeeding success rates and lower rates of postnatal complications for mom and baby.
  • Professional, up-to-date practical advice and essential emotional support.
  • Baby weighing and assistance with feeding at a convenient time – no driving to baby clinic appointments.
  • Full postnatal home visit check on mom and baby.

By Megan Benn, Registered Midwife, Motherhood Matters 071 875 2668 or

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