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FATIGUE The No.1 Enemy to losing the baby weight!

Studies show that people who do not get enough sleep – eat more, gain weight and crave high GI refined carbs – What are new mom’s supposed to do – a little hard to avoid being tired?

A few tips: 1) Do not have a sweetie/ treat cupboard at home – you are tired you will end up noshing! Get your partner or a friend to take you out for a piece of cake 1 x week. Also good for other kids in the house to realise that sweets are not always on tap but a treat! 2)Do your grocery shopping on line – after a meal and make a list beforehand! This will prevent you picking up all those calorie laden goodies in the queue to the check – out. With the extra time try catch a few extra ZZZZ’s. 3) Create and call on your support structure i.e grandparents, friends, domestic etc. Get them to cook extra healthy meals and freeze ie. Minestrone soup. Regular meals are essential to weight loss and with healthy extras on hand , you will have no excuse. 4) Exercise – Some gyms do a ‘Mommy and Me’ class.For me a real godsend was a late afternoon walk with the babies with a few moms in my neighbourhood – it didn’t feel like exercise and was great group therapy! If you are struggling long term consider seeing a dietitian or joining a weight loss group. Studies show that accountability to an external source increases your chances of success! Chat soon, Renee consultant dietitian B Sc Dietetics RD (SA, UK) PR No: 084 000 0283398 E-mail: Mobile:   072 427 6515

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