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Everyone needs some mental help!!

This is just a quick review about Jenny and one of the books she has written. I went to see Jenny a few times when I needed some guidance. I have also read – and rate – the book! Jenny Perkel, author of the books Babies in Mind and Streets of Jewels, is a clinical psychologist, a mother and a trained nurse / midwife who has published numerous articles about babies, children and parenting for South African magazines. Jenny works in private practice in Cape Town, South Africa, offering psychoanalytic psychotherapy to adults and children, parent-infant psychotherapy and parental guidance.

Jenny is the managing co-editor of the professional journal, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in South Africa and the chair-person of the Western Cape Association for Infant Mental Health. She has trained and supervised childcare workers for various child and adolescent mental health projects and children’s homes. She has been involved in postgraduate teaching of child psychoanalytic psychotherapy and she has done radio appearances, talks and presentations with parents, mental health professionals and lay counsellors in areas of infant and child mental health and postnatal depression. Babies in Mind is aimed at parents and anyone else who is involved in the day-to-day care of a baby.

The book is designed to support you and build confidence in your own unique parenting style and ability. It helps you to understand what your baby needs from you and how important it is to tune into her needs. It also explains what stresses your baby and how to help her. The book goes into the reasons why it is so stressful to take care of a baby and what to do about it. Loads of advice is given about how to survive parenthood without losing your sanity. Feeding, sleeping, crying, development, the role of the father, high-need babies, postnatal depression and other topics relevant to you and your baby are all discussed in a way that is useful and easy to read. The book is designed to be dipped in and out of as the need arises.

Useful tips, personal exercises and bits of relevant info make the book valuable and extremely practical. In order to help you to evaluate your own mental state, self-rating scales for anxiety, depression and postnatal depression have been included. Guidance is given about how, when and where to seek help if you need it. Babies in Mind is available at numerous on-line bookstores as well as leading bookshops in South Africa. Contact details:

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