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Eating for 2?

How much more should we be eating when pregnant ? Should we be eating for 2? Recommendations vary greatly worldwide. The British Dietetic Association advocate only an additional 200 kcal in the 3rd trimester (this means a cheese sandwich and a fruit extra). The American Dietetic Association suggest an extra 300 kcal in the 2nd trimester and 500 kcal in the 3rd. The WHO(World Health Organisation ) suggest 300 kcal from the get go ! All are sound nutritional bodies – so very confusing?

As a general rule I look at the moms starting weight , are they a healthy weight to begin with or are they overweight or underweight. Then I query do they have any existing nutritional deficiencies or medical parameters I need to consider. Are they carrying more than one baby? I encourage moms to look at the quality of the foods they are eating rather than focus on calories. I then monitor there weight  and adjust their diet according to their needs. Each person is unique and each pregnancy affects each mom differently – so be weary of general guidelines as it is not a one size fits all! If you are unsure contact a professional and let them get you on the right track. Chat soon, Renee consultant dietitian B Sc Dietetics RD (SA, UK) PR No: 084 000 0283398 E-mail: Mobile:   072 427 6515

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