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Pregnancy Diary – week 38 – Hospital in Style

This is literally my last week before baby arrives! I have unpacked and repacked my hospital bag several times and always seem to have something new to add to the list as a recommendation from friends. I also did my preregistration at the hospital this week, and they too gave me some important items I should bring along. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – Baby and Breastfeeding

Ashlea has welcomed Brooke Annabella Harvey into the world and has been kept busy breastfeeding her little one. Hear the truth about breastfeeding and some great tips to make it a success. I am going to be honest – it takes some time to get used to your day comprising of waking up, changing nappy, breast feeding, burping baby, lying baby down to sleep, making tea and breakfast, changing nappy, breastfeeding, burping baby… and next thing you know it’s 11am and you aren’t even out of your PJs! Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 32 – Preparing the Nursery

Nesting seems to be the name of the game when it comes to your last trimester! You’re going to want to be ready for when baby arrives, so start preparing the nursery early, before you get too uncomfortable in your pregnancy to do too much manoeuvring or trips to the shops. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 36 – Pregnancy Pampering

Ashlea has been feeling in the need of some pregnancy pampering this week. With a toddler on the run and a belly soon to burst, finding time to treat herself is hard to come by, but she is sure to lavish her bump with Argan Oil, which can be used for hair, skin and nail care, massage, curing stretch marks and the treatment of various dermatological conditions. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 34 – Breastfeeding tips Best of Breast (part 1)

What were once rather small appendages to my pre-pregnant body are now volutptous bosoms resting upon my enlarged belly. It’s hard to think that in just a few weeks they will have the vital role of feeding my newborn baby. There are so many questions that come along with breastfeeding, and a lot of uncertainties as to how your baby and you will take to this new task. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 37 – How Hubby Can Help

These last few weeks can be a difficult time for hubby, as clearly you need help, yet it’s not always clear how he can help. Other than lifting Hannah out of the bath, carrying the groceries and spoiling me with the odd foot rub, there isn’t much else that Claude helps with. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 33 – Packing your hospital bag

In the last few days, I have zipped and unzipped my hospital bag at least 10 times, it seems there is always something you come across that you need in hospital. The best tip I have heard so far, is to pack two bags: one wheely bag for yourself and another nappy bag for baby. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – Week 29 – Writing your birth plan

With my first pregnancy, writing a birth plan seemed to be something very important in all of the literature I read. Do you want an epidural? Do you want an epesiotomy? What music do you want playing in the background? What medical team do you want? It can all be extremely daunting! Continue reading

Pregnancy diary – week 27 – pregnancy side effects

Growing feet, faintly appearing stretchmarks, and the inevitable move from zips and buttons to roll tops and elastics marks my pregnancy this week. Let me not mention my frequent mood swings and irratability. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diary – week 26 – Planning ahead for work

Planning ahead for work is something to consider early, as you never know whether you may have an early arrival or need to take bed rest closer to your due date. Ashlea shares some tips on preparation and workplace maternity fashion in her Lace Inset Tunic and a Roll Top Pencil Skirt. Continue reading

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