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Back in my skinny jeans by Ashlea Harvey (SA Reporter)

It’s been 3 months since I had Hannah and the days of waddling around have been replaced by breastfeeding and burping. Although I made a conscious effort not to over indulge during my pregnancy, I did end up putting on a few extra kilos. My husband said to me that I wasn’t getting jewelry like most new moms, I was getting a personal trainer. And it’s been the best gift I could have asked for.

After being out of commission from any strenuous exercise during my pregnancy, I was eager to hit the gym. As soon as the doctor gave me the green light I signed up at Transfit and began my fight for fitness. After my first session, I walked into my house feeling on top of the world – after weeks of being indoors surrounded by expressing bottles and nappies, the change in scenery and reminder that I was still a human being with my own needs did me a huge deal of good. I felt after having that me time, I had a lot more energy to be a great mom. I really needed that hour, to work off the tiny stresses that come with being a new mom, and also to challenge myself. I slowly began to see my body change back to what it was and clothes I hadn’t worn in over 9 months, were back on show.

Between breastfeeding and some serious workouts, the extra pounds melted away and I’m fitting into my skinny jeans just 3 months after giving birth. The irony is, though, that although I fit into my skinny jeans, my favorite things to wear are my maternity clothes – and they’ve never looked better on me! My Annabella Salsa wrap dress looks even more sassy now that my stomach is flat, and my Annabella camis have been a great fit with my skinny jeans (and also fantastic for breastfeeding). At the end of the day, I like nothing more than slipping into my Annabella vintage pj set, sitting down with Hannah to breastfeed her, and putting up my feet to rest my legs after a late afternoon workout. Motherhood is good.

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