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annabella maternity & woman’s wear…by fashion stylist Zoe


Dear annabella, I have a confession to make! I am completely obsessed with your beautiful salsa wrap dresses and am slowly acquiring one in every colour. What makes this confessional? Well as you know I am not even remotely pregnant.

They fit so exquisitely and your colour selection is spot on every season.  They are also made from the softest, most luxurious fabric. They skim as opposed to so many that cling and the cap sleeves balance out my (slightly) pear shaped derrière.  My youngest child is 6 years old so whilst I have no excuse for my post pregnancy tummy I am relieved that my summer and winter wrap dresses conceal it perfectly. I really do think they’re the perfect buy as they are flattering, comfortable, practical and very pretty. As the fashion stylist for Your Pregnancy magazine I think the mark of a great maternity outfit is when it appeals to both pregnant and non pregnant shoppers.  Your salsa wrap dress is the perfect example of this.

Yours in Style, Zoë Fairbrother-Straw

Zoë Fairbrother-Straw is a presenter, facilitator, actress and style coach. She has been an international model for 22 years and has presented a variety of local and international magazine, travel and news programmes on television. Zoë has acted in an array of local soaps and series and has been the lead in over 200 local and international television commercials. She is currently the freelance fashion editor for Your Pregnancy magazine. Zoë also facilitates a course in presenting, body language, vocal and interview skills at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism. Zoë has an innate love of style and years in the fashion and television industry have led her to be encouraged by the positive influence and confidence acquired from dressing well. As a Style Coach, Zoë believes in combining the philosophy of life coaching with the fundamental principles of image consulting to develop all areas of self esteem. Zoë is inspired by how their client’s confidence improves and how they are re-energized on a daily basis.

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