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Annabella maternity jodhpur leggings


How did that cold snap work for you this past weekend? I would have been in a mild panic about what I was going to wear as I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable in maternity jeans when worn for anything more than a few hours, but then the arrival of my new jodhpur leggings from Annabella saved the day. I basically lived in them over the weekend and have been doing so this week too, they’re like wearing fitted tracksuit pants, only they’re a lot more socially acceptable!! Here I am wearing them with my trusted parka and ankle boots – two of my best winter purchases.

They’re made from a luxurious heavy-weight stretch fabric that creates a snug fit and holds the shape. The thickness of the fabric makes them really easy to style as it hides the lumps and bumps. If you have a more boy-ish shape then you really won’t have to worry about hiding your bum a little bit.  Unfortunately that’s not the case for me, although to be honest I’m kind of over it and I just wear tops that skim over my bum which means it’s not hidden entirely! Oh well, my shape is my shape… I wore the cotton lycra comfort band up over my bump, which is great to help squash my protruding belly button! But you can also roll it down as per the model below.

We had to go out for drinks on Saturday evening so I wore them again. Yay, too easy.

Pippa studied at the London College of Fashion, honing a natural gift for what looks good on other people – with the sensitivity to work with any body shape or form.

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