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7 Tips for Taking Beautiful Maternity Photos

It’s a small window in your life when you are pregnant. No woman regrets getting beautiful photos. Its usually the other way around. If you are thinking of getting beautiful maternity photos either with a friend or professional, here are some tips.

1) Choose your timing As a professional photographer, many of my clients ask me when is the best time to do their maternity photos. A general guide is anywhere from 28-34 weeks. But that’s not necessarily right for every woman. Consider that you want to feel beautiful and actually look pregnant. If you haven’t even popped much by 30 weeks, perhaps wait until much later. I’ve had clients come to me at 38 weeks. If by week 26, you already are feeling large and uncomfortable, consider taking them earlier. Some women tend to experience swelling in the last few weeks of pregnancy. So I would suggest taking that into consideration. All pregnant women are gorgeous. The point is that YOU feel beautiful in front of the camera.

2) Choose your wardrobe Again, the point is to feel beautiful. And you are probably already feeling your wardrobe is limited. Choose what you feel the best in, it will translate in the photos. Perhaps go out and buy something special. Take a look around the anabella site for ideas. Even the magazine covers give you ideas for interesting necklines and dresses that curve in all the right places. Consider something that shows off your belly, not something that hides it.

3) Chose accessories Chunky necklaces or fun shoes can really jazz up a wardrobe that feels limited and will add some character to your photos.

4) Bring along a friend Here’s one of my best kept secrets as a photographer. When a client brings along a girl friend to her maternity shoot, she often is more confident and relaxed. Her smile is genuine. Her friend helps play the role in making her feel comfortable. Perhaps bringing along your husband or children is enough, but if you feel you might be especially shy about rocking the belly… choose one of your girls to join you!

5) Bring meaningful baby accessories I don’t do a lot of props in my style of photography, but some meaningful tokens (a hat, baby shoes, sonogram, a chalkboard, etc) is a nice touch.

6) Groom your nails You’ll be taking a lot of shots of your hands on your belly so consider grooming your nails or getting a manicure. While you are at it, if you are married, don’t forget your wedding ring! A lot of women take it off because of swelling. If you can, squeeze it back on, it makes for a beautiful touch in the photos.

7) Hire a professional When in doubt, hire a professional to ensure you get gorgeous photos. There are photographers to suit everyone’s specific budget. Use these tips as a preparation, but leave the guess work of posing, lighting, angles, ideas to them. As a professional, I can guide a woman in how to shift her hips or which leg to put her weight on or how to adjust her elbow in such a way that will flatter her body. You are likely to feel more beautiful and have stunning keepsake photos. Marysol Blomerus is Cape Town’s premier birth photographer, specializing in on-call, personalized, discreet, stunning birth photography. She also offers lifestyle maternity portrait sessions at the location of your choice. All her birth packages include a complimentary mini-maternity session so the story of your pregnancy and welcoming of your child is complete. She’s a mother of 2 with another on the way, so she knows what her clients feel like to be pregnant and in front of the camera.

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