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Soothe your gassy or colicky baby’s tummy troubles with safe, effective gas relief assistance from Windi. The patented Windi is a small, soft rectal catheter made from BPA-free material, designed by skilled paediatricians especially to help infants pass gas. Windi is a natural, medically approved way to ease tight tummies and sore bottoms.

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Do not insert without first applying a natural baby oil.
Never leave the catheter in the baby’s rectum after the treatment is complete.
Do not repeat the treatment more than 3 times per day, as this will disrupt your baby’s natural bowel rhythm unnecessarily.
It is recommended that you consult with a nurse or a paediatrician before using Windi on a premature baby.

What is the Windibaby?
Offers instant relief for gas & colic in babies
Reduces the need for medications & other ingestible remedies
It is a patented product that’s safe, hygienic & highly effective
Recommended from birth
Quick & easy to use
Assists baby in releasing air past the sphincter
Developed by paediatricians
Designed with babies’ anatomy in mind
FDA approved
Registered as a medical device class 1 with the Swedish Medical Agency
100% recyclable & biodegradable materials
Made from Dryflex, a material commonly used for medical devices
Soft & pliable with a rounded tip; no loose parts
BPA-free & latex-free

Did you know?
Did you know? Windi® has been on the market for over a decade and is sold and distributed in many countries around the world such as Sweden, U.S.A, Germany, Switzerland and the U.K, bringing relief to thousands of babies daily!
Did you know? Windi® is completely free from hazardous substances and chemicals such as BPA and PVC. It is designed by pediatricians taking the babies anatomy into consideration as is safe and effective and cannot harm your baby if used as instructed.

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Always use a natural baby oil on Windi to help with the insertion.
Lie your baby on their back, on the changing table.
Lift baby’s legs towards the stomach. Carefully insert the catheter into baby’s rectum, as if you were using a rectal thermometer.
You will know that the treatment is working when you hear a “whistling” sound as the Windi releases gas.
The treatment is complete when the whistling sound ends & your baby is no longer in discomfort.
Dispose of the catheter.
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