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The Big Decision………Pregnancy number 2…..a decade later!!!!

Growing up I loved the age that my parents were and fixated my own wants parallel to my mother (married at 22, followed swiftly by baby no 1 and then ‘me’ 3 years later). That suited me down to the ground, I thought I would do the same. Continue reading

7 Tips for Taking Beautiful Maternity Photos

It’s a small window in your life when you are pregnant. No woman regrets getting beautiful photos. Its usually the other way around. If you are thinking of getting beautiful maternity photos either with a friend or professional, here are some tips. Continue reading

Rehydration tip for the day by our dietician Renee

Hi moms ! Wishing you a fabulous 2013! Wherever you are in your pregnancy 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester or a mom with a new baby(4th trimester), the January heat can be a real challenge!Staying hydrated is essential in keeping those energy levels up, preventing constipation , as well as optimising the absorption of nutrients from foods. However, for those struggling with nausea it can be particularly difficult! Continue reading

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