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About Us

About Us

Have you been looking for a more personal touch for your online shopping experience? Look no further.

Gill and Claire, the creators of Annabella Maternity, have ensured that their invested and focused care sets Annabella apart as a brand beyond just clothing. These two moms understand your changing needs as you transition into the most important role of your life.  They are driven to create the best clothing and shopping experience for you.


Meet Claire

Personal stylist. Mom. Brand manager. Not necessarily in that order. Still juggling and loving it.

“It’s simple. I love style. I love our clothes and I thoroughly enjoy helping a woman feel her best through the most exciting phase of her life.

There is simply no reason why you should change your sense of style when you become a Mom. I will personally assist you to create a range that you can mix and match throughout your pregnancy and well after breastfeeding, ensuring the choices you make for your maternity wardrobe are wearable for all occasions and long after your baby arrives…

It’s my passion to help you style your wardrobe in line with who you are. At your service.”



Meet Gill

Clothing designer and Mom. One inspires the other.

“Knowing that we look our best makes us feel more confident. This becomes even more important when we are pregnant and our bodies are changing.

I love designing clothes that embrace the beauty of the pregnant silhouette, yet I focus on ensuring those styles can also be worn after pregnancy. (I want to wear them too, of course!). This is not just maternity wear; it is an investment in your new lifestyle.

My role as designer is to create the right balance between comfort, practicality and style, using quality fabric and the perfect fit… so you can feel confident and special during this amazing journey into motherhood.”


10 reasons to shop with us

10 Reasons to Shop With Annabella

  1. You are investing in a wardrobe not only designed to grow with you through all stages of your pregnancy but that can still be worn long after baby arrives.
  2. Many of our designs also cater for discreet breastfeeding without compromising on style.
  3. We are our brand, you will hear from us directly and we are available to help. You won’t get lost in the system of a big business.
  4. We are not made in China! We locally design and produce our range so we can keep a close eye on our quality.
  5. We are a designer and stylist team…who happen to be Mom’s…so we have been there, done that and designed the t-shirt.
  6. We are proud of some glowing customers reviews.
  7. We offer free delivery with every order.
  8. You get to shop in the comfort of your own home!
  9. You have 7 days to try on your outfit with an opportunity to exchange or get a refund within that period. We want you to be completely happy with your order.
  10. We support the local industry, so by supporting us, you are supporting your country too.

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